Can’t get enough Waka Waka

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The good thing about currently living in Europe is all the World Cup games are at normal time of day and there are TV screens everywhere.  So my Saturday night was spent in a public square watching the US get defeated by Ghana while a bunch of Germans cheered.  That was a bit painful, my national loyalties had been stirred.

But I have a new strategy for moments when I am feeling down, and I hope I remember it in the depths of winter a year from now.   Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ never ceases to cheer me up.

While its been criticized for not being sung by an African, I think that is a cheap shot.  No one is a bigger GLOBAL icon than Shakira, and Africa and the World Cup deserves the very best.  Anyhow the song was first made popular in Cameroon in 1986

Cameroonians are glad to do their part, according to the New York Times:

Cameroonians are actually very proud of the remake. In cybercafes you see both versions of the song playing on repeat. Young people don’t know the original as it came out in 1986. […] But the older generations know the clip off by heart, especially the bit with the presidential guards’ parade. The song was released just after television arrived in the country so we remember it well.

I only hope the original songwriters get some royalties, their remuneration plan sounds a bit vague. And true to social media spirit, the song is being used for a good cause (universal education) and has inspired a global dance party — even dolphins are in on it

Now, a day after the sad defeat of cute Donovan, Dempsey and BocaNegra, all I can say is Go Black Stars! And call me if you want to do the Waka Waka.


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