SXSW: Wish I was here!

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I’m not sure what I love more — this graphic or the fact that I can upload it and then my blog looks amazing.

So, this is the artistic interpretation of a speech that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave at the SXSW conference in Austin. How I wish I could be there! SXSW is both a communication and music tradeshow billed as a way to charge your creativity for techies and change agents alikel. But there are so many blogs and haikus spinning off from the meeting that I too can have an interactive experience:

Copyright gone wrong.
Free culture movement
Roller girl rescue.

(Thanks Band.)

I could have chatted live with conference goers on Meebo but I missed that too since the conference is over! I’ve been busy, besides keeping up with NYC life there is so much to learn in this new social change media blogosphere. I’m sure there are a million blog posts bottled up in this conference website. I will dig around and get back to you.


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