An Alltop Aha! moment

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Another case of not seeing beyond my non profit bubble.  Since it started I have been reading Alltop’s non profit agregator. It’s a great way to see the headlines of leading non profit bloggers.  Its much easier and more appealing than building my own RSS feeds on Bloglines, which I just haven’t been able to get into.

But what I did not realize is that Alltop is a feed agregator on more than 300 topics, not just non profits.  So I should also be reading the Women feed, and the social entrepreneur feed.

The feeds on  green blogs, start-ups, writing also look great!

Alltop was created by Guy Kawasaki, a longtime tech-business-guy and writer affiliated with Apple.   I had the aha! moment thanks to this article in Mediabistro:

Think of it as a digital magazine rack. If you went to a newsstand you would see racks of sports magazines, celebrity magazines, car magazines, wine magazines, and food magazines; we have our own virtual rack where we aggregate the Web sites and blogs of the top feeds for each of those topics, and we show the latest five headlines from each source. With Google, you ask Google questions like “How many people live in China,” with AllTop, you ask “How do I keep on top of what is happening in China?” So it’s a very different question.

Its one of these things that are so simple and useful that once you see it you wonder why it wasn’t created before.  So this means I have even more reading to do.


Unleashing the Girl Effect

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This video explains why investing in girls is a save the world strategy using just words and music. No girls even! I love it and I am planning to use it in a workshop I am doing next week for the gathering of the Women of the ELCA. If you watch the video directly from Youtube — and it is doing well with 63,000 views — there are companion videos that feature girls talking about their lives, like Addis from Ethiopiawho was married to a 40-year-old man at age 12 and had to drop out of school.

Though this is where my training in branding and gender justice collide. I love anything that makes more people aware of how poverty limits the full being of women and girls. But after the feel good music winds down I ask: We are just going to give a girl an education and a cow and everything will be fine? Is it really the obligation of a woman to make a new and visible economic contribution to the village before she is listened to by male leaders?

Well, you can’t get to every issue in a three-minute teaser. But the website could do a better job with linking people into action strategies. Right now it just links to a fact sheet that any 101 student could have assembled. I want to know more of the backstory and forward strategy of this video, it is a collaboration between UN Foundation, Nike Foundation, NOVO, Plan and others.

I’ll have my eye out for more impacts of the girl effect. I hope ripples of girl power are felt round the world.

Genderwiki has visuals as well as documents

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Women Ghana

I love this “picture of the week” from a Wiki on gender… they have a whole catalog of photos that are useful if you need visuals for things like child marriage, safe motherhood, female genital mutilation, women and poverty.

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