One of my wildest dreams would be to go on a world tour where I train  young people and women’s group to blog. WordPress and other sites offer so many opportunities for small organizations that would love to have a website. And we need to hear their stories.

Since I started writing this blog, I have realized that this is the subject I want to spend my life writing about: how communication helps people. Whether it is local SMS advocacy campaign to pass the African Women’s Rights protocol in Senegal, or a cell phone that allows a nomadic family to keep their daughter in school in Kenya, or a google earth photo of a refugee camp in Sudan, I want to know about it. The funny thing is, after I learn about all this innovative use of technology, I often come back to traditional communication: the power of a photo to show scale of disaster, or human touch to console, or one person’s testimony to inspire.

I am fascinated by how Web 2.0 can be used for community development. My hope is that these digital tools strengthen our ability to tell stories and hear each other across boundaries of privilege, culture, language and distance.

I am interested in exploring:

  • communication and social entrepreneurship
  • marketing in developing country contexts
  • communication tools for civic engagement
  • how young people use ICT
  • bloggers from Global South
  • efforts bridging the digital divide
  • social networking for change
  • international and cross cultural communication
  • communication strategies in vulnerable communities such as slums, refugee camps

and more…

Please contact me at Davila.Emily AT gmail.com

These are some of the articles I have written:

Human Trafficking: Flourishing in the Shadows, Demanding Our Attention Journal of Lutheran Ethics, Feb. 2010

Investing in Women and Girls – Are we at Capacity? Beyond Profit, Sept. 24, 2009

They Call Me Mama Va-Va-Voom The Lutheran, September 2009

A Human Rights-Based Approach to Advocacy: the Role of the Church Journal of Lutheran Ethics: February 1, 2009

Crossing boundaries, making commitments at AIDS 2008 Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance: August 2008.

AIDS ministries cross borders as pastors work with those most at risk Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance: August 2008.

Be my fair-trade certified valentine Café: February 1, 2008

Blogging from Bali : the youth caucus at the climate change summit Wiretap / Alternet: December 18, 2008.

Hometown Baghdad: Living in a War Zone Wiretap / Alternet: April 2007

Called to be Bold, three women making a difference CaféMarch 2007.

New Treaty Protecting Rights of Persons with Disabilities Finalized at the UN UNA USA e-news: Sept. 1 2007.

Balancing compliance with compassion; With the Patriot Act & related legislation, aspects of global mission and ministry with immigrants have changed The Lutheran: June 2006.

Book Review: Women and Development at the UN, by Devaki Jain UNA USA e-news: April 2006.

Youth at the International AIDS Conference MTV Staying Alive, and content for International AIDS Society: August 2006.

Youth are building presence inside WTO Wiretap/ Alternet: January 2006.

Women Braving Peace: an interview with Malalay Joya about Afghanistan Café: November 2004.

We Have to Be the Change Wiretap/ Alternet: October 2003.

U.N. Pact sinks on violence against women Women’s E-News: June 2004.

Selling Ourselves Short: Individual versus collective power of young women in the United States media United Nations Expert Group Meeting on Women & the Media: 2002.


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  1. Congratulations for your work. I see I will have to come back to your blog often.

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