Looking for a job? Recruiters are your new friends.

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I have started working as a consultant for Mission Talent Recruitment, an executive search firm for international organizations.  As we know, finding a job is about marketing yourself, but its not easy.  After one week on the job, I have already picked up some tips that anyone with a CV should know.

  • If you are looking for a job, recruiters are your friends, so make sure your CV is on file with a recruiter that relates to your field. Even if you aren’t looking for new job now, getting into a recruiters database like ours at Mission Talent, is a good idea because it could help you later. You can find out about our current searches by becoming at FaceBook fan.
  • Have your LinkedIn profile looking sharp and full of keywords related to the job you want.  If you want to do project management in Asia, those terms better be in there somewhere.  The best spot for putting these key words is under your name in the tagline slot. LinkedIn gives you generic choices, but it better to be specific about what you want.  If you want to work for the UN as a ” gender & security sector policy professional” put those words right under your name.
  • Recruiters are huge social networkers, with giant Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter following.  So look for them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and add them to your network.  (Check out this list of top 25 recruiters on Twitter).  If you are in Europe, and actively looking for a job, it might be worth it to pay 4.95 per month to join Xing.
  • Make your CV easy to read. This is Huge.  Recruiters and HR professionals input your CV into databases so any strange formatted boxes and embedded tables means your data will probably not be inputted properly.   Make sure your name is at the top, followed by your email. Short and sweet with key skills is best.  These long crazy EU CVs with columns are already driving me a little nuts.
  • Make sure key words for the job you WANT are in your CV a few times so the database will pick them up.   A few examples of key words for non profits are : advocacy, fundraising, project management, policy, partnerships, donors, government, procurement etc.
  • I always thought they were cheesy, but those short little descriptions of your objective at the top are helpful because it helps recruiters know what you want right away  e.g.: “Non profit professional with 7 years in international development experience looking for communications position in Africa.”   “Recent law school graduate searching for work in energy sector”.
  • And its just a hunch, but cover letters are overrated. We don’t look at them. (Sigh– I’ve spent so many hours on them.)  I don’t know about everyone else.

Well, after my first week of work I have learned a few things.  I am sure there is much more to learn!  Good luck with your job search.


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