A new breed – the climate change artists

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Oh climate crisis!  Alas, these words just don’t inspire me to jump off the couch and do something. But Franke James inspires me.  She is part of new breed– the climate change artist.  Her artistic mission is to make something green and document it.

Her website has a series of visual essays – beautiful mixed media panels that makes science personal. Scrolling through her website is like reading a children’s book online.

James seems to be haunted by the question:  what will you tell your grandchildren you did about climate change? On her website she writes, “I know I want to be able to say I did more than change a lightbulb.” And so far, she has.

She recently launched a book of her green visual essays: Bothered by My Green Conscience: How an SUV-driving, imported strawberry-eating urban dweller can go green.

This week she is at the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen known as COP15 where she will create more art, adding a welcome lightness to the aggressive activists, hardened politicians and contracted negotiations.

She seems to be in a growing company of a few climate communicators, delivering doses of science visually.   For instance, Annie Leonard of ‘Story of Stuff’ fame just recently launched ‘The Story of Cap and Trade’ .  Her simple narration illuminates a tough subject through digestible facts and stick figure cartoons.

We are sure to need artists like Franke and Annie to help to tell our stories as the issues become complicated and more and more becomes at stake.  I’m blogging from Copenhagen this week — so will be sure to post more about climate change and art.


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