Meeting Nick Kristof pays off

May 7, 2009 at 4:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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Been celebrating for 2 days now, SHE is featured in Nick Kristof’s blog “Getting Girls in School in Africa”.

Comments are fascinating: why are American women wanting African women to use reuseable pads when they do not use them themselves? Hypocrisy!  The beauty is that SHE’s market-based approach will prove that if women want the product, they will buy it, plain and simple.

Well, in one of my many thesis interviews Jene O’keefe Trigg gave me a very good tip about using press coverage like this:

  • Ask everyone you know to comment on the article, it will show the journalist its a hot subject
  • Analyze the comments for new leads and ideas
  • Use some of the comments in your materials to demonstrate need and interest

Please show your love and  add your own comment on NYT site.



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  1. Hi –

    The latest research I’ve seen states that its actually unlikely increasing sanitary pads and other measures will improve girls education outcomes, because those aren’t actually the reasons girls drop out of school. Have you seen research to the contrary?


    • Hi Caitlin, What research have you seen? Part of the difficulty with this issue is that it is so understudied. I know of one study of using menstrual cups that did not help school attendance in Nepal, but I don’t think that implies pads will not help. There are a lot of reasons why girls are not in school, SHE wants to make sure access to sanitary napkins is not one of them.

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