peace summit concludes and I am worn out

April 19, 2009 at 9:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Sitting on floor of Dubai airport accessing bad internet– I have spent the last week trouble shooting about every technology known to man and I am exhausted. The fiber optic they are supposedly laying in East Africa can’t come soon enough because Kenya is being left in the dust.

I spent the last week coordinating a youth peace summit in Nairobi of 200 youth from around the region. It was a blast and a lot of work. We had it to talk directly about the post-election violence that happened in Kenya largely perpetrated by youth in 2008. We got kids from slums, different relgions, former IDPs, one girl even brought her baby. I led the youth media team and they were amazing. We had about 24 and we split into sub teams of video (the flip), photography, newsletter, blogger and public relations. Our PR girl called the media houses every day and we got in the Nation, on Citizen TV and on the radio. We produced a newsletter every day. They honestly blew me away they were so dedicated. They were on computers at all hours of the day even though they were always breaking and the flash drive modems constantly ran out of airtime. In the evaluation we did I expected to hear complaints about the technology, but they were so happy they hardly mentioned it. I think they never get to spend hours on computers so just that was special. One said he is studying communications in the university but he learned more in one week doing it than he had in school over all. We take it all for granted – laptops, wireless, it is such a blessing and I wish I could have given these kids laptops as parting gifts because they have so much promise. Stay tuned you will be hearing more from this media team.


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