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March 12, 2008 at 3:54 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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Oh my god they have created a non profit dashboard web-agregator for you.
I no longer have to continue on my quest to understand bloglines or DIGG and Alltop is a one-stop shop for websites and RSS feeds on entrepreneurship, philanthropy, academia, bloggers and non profit everything. Except for everything listed is majorly US-centric!

What drives me crazy about US philanthropy is that most of the money stays within the US. The majority of giving may currently come from the US, but other regions are catching up, with exciting initiatives like the African Women Development Fund. We need to be in conversation  and support regional funding mechanisms that may be more sustainable and culturally relevant. The future of philanthropy is not only within our borders. So the work of this small blog is not done.


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  1. Do plants require communications in order to develop? Do children require blogs to grow up from the infantile to the toddler to the teenager? Does the circulatory system as its develops from a the endocardial tubes?

    The use of the word development in the poorist sense is that people need to want to have stuff they can’t have because then they can be controlled.

    We want to do good, but making people want, and supplying them with gadgets to think they are ‘developing’ may not be in their bests interests. What is going on in most of the world is the transitive verb, to “underdevelop” because then we can have our hundred dollar jeans.

    So when you use the word develop, what is meant by it? Who decides what the wants should be? How should this information be managed?

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