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Believe me, I know that “Communication for Development” is a boring title for a blog. These words don’t have much energy behind them, they do not capture the human spirit. Perhaps that is why I wrote the blog in the first place: to discover how to talk about international development in ways that reach people. So, I have my eye out to appreciate good slogans that capture the essence of connecting and empowering people to bridge the digital divide.

My favorites so far:

-Digital inclusion with a deadline.  AMD (the $100 laptop project)
-Helping the global population join the conversation  Rising Voices Online

These are OK too:

-Today’s art for tomorrow’s world ArtAsiaPacific
-Social change starts here Echoing Green
-Innovators for the public Ashoka
-Where communication and media are central to economic and social development. The Communication Initiative

These slogans are the positioning statements of organizations. I like them because I think they embody open-mindedness, depth, hope, and they are not colonialist or arrogant. After spending five years working with the United Nations, I have returned to school to study communications because I am hungry to be able to deliver a message about international development that people could understand and relate to. I’ll have to post another blog of slogans that I don’t think are effective, though that might not please people. Let me know if there are other ones out there you like in the comments section.


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